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Why do you collect Star Wars items?

Why do you collect Star Wars items?

Why do you collect? It is an honest question and a very simple one.

Do you collect to remember your youth like some sort of staying young thing? You know …. nostalgia. Do you collect just to be a part of the Saga somehow?

I realize many who collect are not old and in fact the prequel trilogy may be their/your point of nostalgia when they/you are in their late 30s like I am now.

Before you answer read why I collect.

I collect for nostalgia’s sake and is probably why I collect mostly the original trilogy type stuff and characters. I collect a lot of the prequel stuff too so don’t get me wrong but my favorite stuff is always the OT.

It is something to do and makes feel connected to an era when things were not necessarily better but they were different than now. The days of parking lots filled with gas guzzling huge vehicles you could make a swimming pool out of the trunk space. Sneaking into the Drive-In Theaters or paying too for that matter lolz.

No cell phones or internet and people read books and magazines instead for their info. Obviously I love the internet because blogging was just not something one could do unless they put out their own printed paper or were working for a magazine so this is great.

I wish I had this when I was a kid at 9 years old when Star Wars came out. Instead, all we had were friends we knew at school who saw the films and understood what they were like we did. I would buy magazines with articles about it or cool photoshoots and interviews.

I always feel a really good warm throwback feeling when I watch the films. I feel the same thing when I buy things like vehicles and figures or what have you. I suppose it is human nature to stick to your roots … to be “set in your ways” or being called retro.

The late 70s and early 80s were a special time which obviously are gone for good except when I collect. I suppose that is the key for me in collecting.

Tonight I bought a second McQuarrie 30th Anniversary Concept Snowtrooper and another Animated Debut Boba Fett figure, it makes my second as one may be an opener. I felt that same nostalgia though and it was quite powerful to be honest.

So now …. why do YOU collect?

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