SWMK » Lack of Diversity With Hasbro’s Stormtroopers
Lack of diversity with Hasbro's Stormtroopers

Lack of Diversity With Hasbro’s Stormtroopers

I always thought that we needed more diversity with the imperial troopers, we only had the standard storm trooper, snow, sand, and scout trooper, also from the Thrawn comics we got a limited supply of space or zero G troopers (which I liked a lot), and the dark trooper from Dark Forces (also one of my favorites). Apart from that we just had some mentions of other kind of imperial troopers, like the sea troopers from marvel (The name could have been better, but anyway), but after seeing all the clones that were released with the prequel movies I really felt jealous toward all the clone fans, it was unfair they got all those nice clones, and we had just 4 imperial troopers (not counting space and dark, because they had only one release and in short quantity).

Then finally we got a nice reward with the shadow stormtrooper after the success of the shadow clone trooper who helped to establish a better background for the imperial version (I think there still is people defending the black hole stormtroopers, but I want to think they are the same), it wasn’t anything more than a repaint, but anyway I thought it was great (I did paint one when I was younger), after that we got the shadow scout trooper or imperial commando, they mixed the ideas there, but still I thought it was nice, even if it would have been better to add something more to the sculpt to the scout.

With those we got 2 more imperial troopers to the list, but we could get some more, I’m still sad the swamp trooper didn’t make it in all the polls, including the last one for legends (as far as I know it has feally few votes), also we got a scuba clone trooper, couldn’t we also have a imperial scuba trooper (sounds a lot better than sea trooper), anyway, with Force Unleashes seems like we will get some new nice imperial troopers, the jume and evo troopers, also some storm trooper commanders, which is very nice, but to my horror I also found some troopers that really dissapointed me, the clones usually are very creative, why can’t that be applied to the imperial troops also. I’m talking about to exclusive packages one that comes with more shadow troopers, which sounded great until I saw the troopers, I have no idea I they will apear like that in the game, but if they do they will destroy the nice concept of the old ones, I don’t know what do you think, but I don’t like the painting of this new shadow troopers.

Also, we will get something called Incinerator trooper which apparently use the same sculpt of the regular stormtrooper and some silly red painting here and there, not even a complete repaint like the shadow version.

We definitely need more creativity with the imperial troopers, in the end, they are the descendants of the prequel clones, and they had some really cool units specialized for a great number of situations.

I understand that the movies have a great impact on this, think its time to work a bit more with the imps, if they have a snow version for the cold planets, why not a magma or something for planets like mustafar or schola?

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